Clinics and Immunizations

Welcome to the Nursing Division of Miami County Public Health's web site. Public Health Nursing strives to offer a variety of health promotion and disease prevention services to the residents of Miami County. We are excited that you have decided to visit us and invite you to explore the different programs that are designed to promote healthy lifestyles and address chronic, acute and communicable diseases. Our primary goal is to provide public health nursing and health promotion services in order to build a healthier community.


  • Immunizations- Childhood, Adult, and Travel

  • Well Child Clinic

  • Prenatal Clinic

  • Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH)

  • School vision & hearing screens

  • Maternal and Child Health Services

  • Communicable and Infectious Disease Control

  • Home Visitations

  • Educational Programs

  • School Nursing

  • Walk In Services

  • Tobacoo Treatment Specialist