Our Goals

Protect the water supply by insuring the plumbing has no cross-connections or possibility of back flow. Inspecting the waste plumbing to verify it is properly vented and trapped so the plumbing safely carries waste away to insure it does not create a health hazard.

By law, only State Certified Plumbing Inspectors can inspect commercial and residential plumbing work in Miami County. Plumbing Inspectors must follow the Ohio Administrative Code known as the Ohio Plumbing Code - and the Miami County Plumbing Regulations.

All people doing plumbing work must be registered with Miami County Plumbing Department or be a homeowner working on their own residence. Rental properties must have a registered, state certified plumbing contractor do the work. Plumbing permits are issued through this office. Plumbing Contractors working on commercial projects and homeowners must meet with plumbing inspectors before a permit will be issued.

Attention Backflow Inspection Companies- Effective July 1, 2021, Miami County Public Health will no longer be the record keeper for annual backflow certifications in West Milton and Ludlow Falls. Please send annual certification results to the village of West Milton.


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