Board of Health

The Board of Health is a combined board of health representing the merger of the General Health District, the Tipp City Health District, the Piqua City Health District, and the Troy City Health District. The General Health District includes all townships and villages in the county. In an agreement for merger, the original Board of Health of the General Health District was expanded to include representation from Troy, Tipp City, and Piqua.

The District Advisory Council is made up of the chair of each township's trustees, the chief executive officer of each village and the president of the Board of County Commissioners. They appoint four members of the Board of Health.

The Mayor of Tipp City appoints one member from Tipp City. The Mayor of Troy appoints two members from the City of Troy. The Piqua City Council appoints one member from Piqua. 

Board Members

Name Represents Term Expires
Ann Baird
Troy 3/31/2025
Mike Maiberger
1st Vice President
General 3/31/2028
Amy Welker
2nd Vice President
Robert Malarkey, MD General 3/31/2029
Joanna Pittenger Tipp City 3/31/2025
Ted Ristoff Troy 3/31/2027
Jim Sarver General 3/31/2027
Patricia Quillen General 3/31/2025