Rabies Monitoring


Rabies is a near 100% fatal disease when contracted by humans. All residents of Miami County have the potential to be exposed to rabies. People can contract rabies when bitten by an animal that has rabies. Rabies in humans can be prevented in large part, but not completely, through the immunization of cats and dogs and with anti-rabies prophylaxis drugs in humans.

Our goals

Protect the public from the spread of rabies and to promote awareness of the dangers of rabies.

How we achieve our goals

Monitoring of a nationwide immunization program, quarantine isolation and observation during bite case (both human and animal), and suspect case animal head submission to the Ohio Department of Health for clinical testing.


  • Require, through regulation, that all domestic animals involved in biting incidents to be immunized for rabies.
  • Educate the public, through annual news releases and communications to hospitals, police departments and the Miami County Animal Control Dept., to have all dogs and cats immunized for rabies.
  • Require, through the use of existing regulations, that veterinarians must keep records of rabies immunization and to issue rabies tags to dog and cat owners. The animal owner who owns an animal that is involved in a biting incident to furnish the health district with the name of the veterinarian, the date of the immunization and the tag number. Sanitarians will perform a random sample of all veterinarians who immunize dogs and cats for rabies by contacting them after a bite report is received by this department. Before an animal is released from quarantine, these items must be completed by the animal owner and checked by the sanitarian.
  • Sample and analyze the brain tissue of wild animals for rabies that are involved in biting incidents or otherwise perish under quarantine or other unusual circumstances.
  • Advise (through Medical Director) people exposed to potential rabies, where the animal cannot be located or analyzed by the lab, to receive prompt medical attention through their private physician.

Forms and Rules

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