Baby and Me Tobacco Free

Program Highlights

Miami County Public Health (MCPH) is partnering with Ohio Department of Health to participate in the Baby & Me Tobacco Free program. With this program, MCPH staff will be able to provide participants individualized counseling cessation sessions to receive education and support for quitting tobacco and staying quit.

Each participant is tested with an in clinic hand-held carbon monoxide (CO) monitor at each visit. When tobacco-free, participants qualify to receive a $25.00 gift card for diapers and wipes. These vouchers can be earned during prenatal session 3 and 4, and at all postpartum sessions after baby is born. 

Eligibility Requirements:

36 weeks pregnant or less

A current tobacco user (including vape devices), quit since becoming pregnant, or quit within 3 months of becoming pregnant

*There are no income restrictions!!!


For more information contact Nikki Mauer at or (937) 573-3548.