Welcome to Miami County Public Health. Our mission for Miami County residents is "Prevent - Promote - Protect."


Miami County Public Health is an independent subdivision of Ohio government created in 1919 by the Hughes-Griswold Act. Miami County Public Health is actually a combined health district, made up of the union of three of the four health districts in Miami County: The Troy Health District, the Tipp City Health District, and the General Health District, which encompasses all of the townships and villages. The fourth health district is the Piqua City Health Department. While contained within the borders of Miami County, they operate independently and are governed by their own board of health. To contact the Piqua Health Department, please go to The Piqua Health Department's programs are primarily environmental health in nature. Miami County Public Health provides Nursing services, WIC services, and all grant funded programs (such as emergency preparedness planning) to the Piqua Health Department and to Piqua citizens.


Public Health provides Miami County citizens with 60 essential public health programs. On first thought, "public health" sounds a lot like "public health care." It is not the same. When you hear "public health," think Health Department and think prevention. That's what we do every day - the business of prevention. The community is our patient. Your health is dependent on much more than your genes and the personal choices you make (although those are important!). Your environment and your community shape your health. We work every day to maintain a healthy county just for YOU.


But where is public health? That's a great question. Public health in action is not easily seen as the streets department laying asphalt, fixing lights, or moving snow. Public health works far in the background, but it surrounds you each and every day. Many times the product of public health, our "widget" if you will, is nothing. Let me clarify that: often times the actions of public health result in "nothing" happening - that is, nothing BAD happening. That's a hard thing to quantify and see. Let's say you go to your favorite restaurant once a week for 5 years - and you never get sick. That was public health's product to you - nothing happening. Sanitarians inspect restaurants and grocery stores to continue "nothing happening." Nurses vaccinate children and adults against diseases to maintain "nothing happening." And the list goes on... While you may never step foot into the Health District's offices, you use us every single day just by living here.


Former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said, "Health care is vital to all of us some of the time, but public health is vital to all of us ALL of the time." No truer words about public health may have ever been spoken.


We hope you find our website useful and informative. If there is information that you desire, but cannot find here, please don't hesitate to contact us. There are numerous "Contact Us" headings under each program. These are designed to get your comments to the right person quickly. Our phone number is (937) 573-3500.


Have a healthy day Miami County,


Dennis R. Propes, RS, MPA


Health Commissioner