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Issuing of Birth and Death Certificates

Records on file from December 20, 1908 to the present.

The office of Vital Statistics is responsible for the coding and archiving of Birth and Death Certificates for Miami County. With our new state-wide issuance approval, we can now provide birth certificates for anyone born in the state of Ohio regardless of original county of birth. We are excited about state-wide issuance because it provides a better service to you and your neighbors.

When a Birth or Death certificate is received in our office, it is assigned a number and is completed and registered with the State Vital Statistics office.

Sandra L. Lutz Director of Vital Statistics
Sandra L. Lutz, B.S.
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Registrar of Vital Statistics and Support Staff Coordinator

Only Certified certificates of records on file can be issued. We no longer issue copies of records. Birth records are usually downloaded from State and available within 4 weeks of birth for issuing.

Burial permits- required by law for burial of human remains in a cemetery or cremation.

Certificate of Services- Record of Human remains being transported into the State of Ohio for disposition.

Supplemental Affidavits: Additions or corrections made to Death records by coroner or physician.

Affidavits: for corrections allowed by law to both birth and death records. There is no cost to the public.

Paternity Acknowledgement: Affidavit used by non-married parents who wish to have biological father's name appear on the birth record. This is an affirmed statement by both parents. It is done free of charge.

Notary: Our employees have Ohio Notary Commissions and are available to notarize documents free of charge. We reserve the right to refuse this service if proper identification is not available or if the document has been improperly completed. Service is at the discretion of the Notary on duty.

Genealogy Research: Our staff is available for searches during working hours. However, extensive searches are conducted as time allows. We do accept requests for research through the mail and will return information requested as soon as time allows. No copies of documents are issued. If you require a legal document, a State certified certificate will be issued.

Protect your Identity:

*Your local Health Department will be happy to assist you by providing the certificate number on the lost document.

Application for Birth or Death Record

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